Two Skillset/Positional Fantasy Stars Outlooks for 2022, Lamar Jackson Passing Stats to Dropoff?

Tonight, on Garbage Time Fantasy we focus on those Fantasy Football player with two skillsets, or play two positions, giving you their outlooks for the upcoming season. With Lamar Jackson basically being your Fantasy Teams second running back, do the boys foresee his passing numbers coming down with Marquise "Hollywood" Brown leaving the team? Will a wide receiver who plays running back Deebo Samuel have his rushing attempts reigned in due to him complaining about his usage with the 49ers? Will Cordarrelle Patterson rebound after a deflating second half of last season, or continue to falter? Will Taysom Hill the previous Quarterback have any value at the Tight End position? All of this and more on Garbage Time Fantasy Football!

Also listen to Ron's recent interview about Dynasty Late Round Sleeper Picks with The Athletics Jake Ceily!:

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