Two countries block Diablo Immortal over lootboxes

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Diablo Immortal is the “don’t you all have phone games” that was memed before it was even released. Now Blizzard has finally launched the game, their newest since Overwatch, but it already got blocked in two countries for loot boxes… but wait there’s more!

Come hang out as we keep track of all the recent Blizzard developments.

In other news; EA staff are speaking out on trans rights, Elden Ring has quietly nerfed some bosses, a famous Square Enix dev has retired, and Madden will be on the cover of Madden.

This week’s 5-Second Review is probably one of Brian’s shortest yet and the Coming Soon section is packing some Star Wars KotOR II, The Quarry, and Mario Strikers.

Thanks for watching everyone and have a great weekend.

00:00 - Two countries block Diablo Immortal over lootboxes
07:42 - EA employees speak out on trans rights
09:21 - Elden Ring nerfs bosses
10:05 -​​ Famed producer retires from Square Enix
10:49 - Madden on the cover of Madden 23
11:30 - 5-Second Review
11:46 - Coming Soon

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