Truth Matters Woodinville Townhall Part 2

Dan and Eryn from the Washington State Citizens Council present the latest information to employers and state and private employees on the progress in the battle against mandates.
Millions of folks across the country are refusing the loss of personal freedom when it comes to what is injected into their bodies by force. Nurses, doctors, school district employees, law enforcement, firefighters and state, local and federal employees are putting their careers on the line to insure the rights, privileges and bodily autonomy guaranteed in our constitution and enshrined in natural law are kept sacred.
We are a part of an uprising that is worldwide and the freedoms that are a building block of western civilization are being taken away before our eyes. Socialism is the vehicle that takes us to that point. Marxism and Communism is the end result of the power that the people possess, and theirs by right, being taken away by force. Once we lose our rights there is no way back to a constitutional republic that has been the envy of the world. What we do here is the legacy that we leave our children
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