True Sight Podcast Ep. 48 – LCSPA Exec. Direc. Phillip Aram on trash talk, Champions Queue, and more

The Executive Director of the LCS Players' Association, Phillip Aram, joins the show to talk Champions Queue, the ways LCS players share contract details with one another, how he coaches pros on trash talk, and a lot more.

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro
2:24 Phil's background in esports
5:45 How Phil became the LCSPA Exec. Director
9:40 The LCSPA board
15:05 The LCSPA's player leadership
21:05 How the LCSPA's success has achieved greater player buy-in
24:00 How LCS players share salary info with one other
27:45 How the LCSPA helps players navigate the tension between players and teams
33:10 How does the LCSPA advise players around appropriate/inappropriate agent behaviour?
37:30 Champions Queue
49:30 On trash talk
54:20 What's next for the LCSPA? A secret project!?
56:30 Outro
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