Trucker protests: Trudeau faces heated Parliament once again after invoking Emergencies Act | FULL

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced more pressure from opposition parties once again on Wednesday in Question Period in the House of Commons after he invoked the Emergencies Act amid the weeks-long protests occupying Ottawa and border crossings across the country.

Trudeau defended the unprecedented move once again, assuring the House that this act is targeted and the rights and freedoms of Canadians would be respected.

Trudeau invoked the never-before-used Emergencies Act on Monday to aid provinces ending the blockades, and address the public disorder that has gripped Ottawa for 20 days at the hands of participants in the so-called “Freedom Convoy."

The prime minister said he is triggering the act after discussions with his caucus, premiers and opposition leaders, adding that the move does not include calling in the military or overriding civil rights.

As of Wednesday, the federal government said all cross-border blockades had been resolved through police intervention.

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