Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen meets with U2's Bono in Dublin

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Democrats should try and fix the nation's debt ceiling without Republican support if that is necessary - a break with some senior members of her party.
'Should it be done on a bipartisan basis? Absolutely. Now, if they're not going to cooperate, I don't want to play chicken and end up not raising the debt ceiling. I think that's the worst possible outcome,' Yellen told The Washington Post in an interview.
'If Democrats have to do it by themselves, that's better than defaulting on the debt to teach the Republicans a lesson,' she noted.
The Treasury secretary made her comments during a flight from the G20 summit in Rome to Ireland, where she discussed the new global miniumum tax she was instramental in passing.
Ireland gave up its prized 12.5% tax for large multinationals to support the global tax, a major boost to the Biden administration's effort to get it passed. Yellen was there to express thanks.
While in Dublin, she met with singer Bon
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