Travis Scott CAUGHT LAUGHING at Astroworld Victims (YOU MUST SEE THIS)

A second lawsuit has now been filed against Travis Scott and Live Nation, but a third party has been named as a defendant in this claim ... and that would be Drake.
A person named Kristian Paredes is suing Trav, Drake and LN for negligence as well -- claiming that Travis' concert history should've been at the forefront of everyone's mind who helped plan and execute Astroworld this year. In their doc, obtained by TMZ, they claim Travis and Drake helped incite the crowd that night, suggesting they either were aware or should've been aware of the reaction the crowd would have and did have once they both took the stage ... which they claim ended up causing a massive surge they say injured them.

Join the After Party https://youtu.be/SBoNfvBbmrQ
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