Trash Cans Move In Real Life (guests: Darius Dale, Kuppy) - Market Huddle Ep.151

In this episode, Patrick Ceresna and Kevin Muir welcome Darius Dale from 42 Macro. They have a fascinating discussion about the macro landscape and why inflation might be both transitory and secular at the same time. Then Harris Kupperman is back for Kuppy's corner and it's jam packed full of energy.

Fast forward to:
00:00:00 Intro
00:03:21 Feature Interview with Darius Dale
00:55:13 Kuppy’s Corner
01:23:47 Top 3 Things to Watch
01:34:36 Talking Charts
01:45:24 This Week in Trading History
01:51:33 Skin in the Game
01:57:50 Aftershow

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