TRAIN HITS CROSSING GATE! Caught On Video! Truck Hits Crossing Gate! 6 Locomotives 3 DPU Fast Train

TRUCK & TRAIN BOTH HIT A CROSSING GATE ARM!! Have you ever seen this? I got the whole thing on video! The gates were coming down with a fast train approaching. The truck went on through and hit the crossing gate arm which bent it across the railroad track. The Norfolk Southern freight hit the bar at track speed and you can see it violently slam back toward the railroad crossing. Luckily there were no cars at the crossing or it would have hit them. Norfolk Southern MOW crews were quickly on the scene after the train that hit the arm called it in to the dispatcher. A couple of red lights were knocked off the gate and I don't know where they went to. The train was an awesome mixed freight with 6 locomotives! 3 of the locomotives were mid train DPUs. I showed my video to NS. This happened in Richwood, Kentucky at the very north end of the shoo-fly track. The train was southbound running from Cincinnati to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Then, right after that I heard a train on my scanner approaching Walton, Kentucky on the CSX Short Line. I hurried over to Walton and got to the main crossing in town just as the train was arriving. Man, did I get lucky! If that traffic light had been red I would have never got there in time or if a tractor had been on the road. The CSX train was pretty cool also. It was heading south from Cincinnati on the way to the spur that goes along the Ohio River. I filmed it right next to a lot that is for sale next to the crossing. The owner use to have a small flea market here but the town of Walton wanted him to pay taxes on the sales. I talked to the owners daughter about the lot. She mows it and keeps it clean. NS uses 160.950 and CSX uses 161.370. Both railroads have defect detectors nearby. Filmed November 1, 2021 AD. Thanks for watching! Please Watch Another JawTooth Video To Help Support The Channel!

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