Top Residency Interview Questions & Sample Responses from 2021-22 Match Applicant

MAR Ambassador Dr. Charles Clinton shares the answers he's prepared for 11 common Residency Interview Questions. Dr. Clinton has a wealth of experience to offer after completing residency in his own country and now aiming to expand his career in the US. Don't miss out on this insightful video!

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[0:00] - Intro
[0:28] - Tell us about yourself
[1:24] - Why did you choose this specialty?
[2:48] - Why are you interested in this program?
[4:20] - Tell us about a time when you experienced conflict
[6:18] - Share one of your most memorable patient stories
[8:50] - What was your most memorable experience from a rotation?
[10:49] - What are your plans after residency?
[12:00] - What are your strengths?
[13:10] - What are your weaknesses?
[15:42] - Why should we choose you?
[19:08] - How do you cope with stress?

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