Top Privacy Challenges faced by HR | Tsaaro Exclusive Webinar | #hrd #hrcompliance #dataprivacy

We all agree that HR knows and has more data about their employees than any other department in a company!

Human resource professionals must understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive employee information, including Social Security numbers, performance reviews, workplace injury reports, background checks, health-related information, pay levels, etc.

Every Jobseeker has even during the process of the interview ends up giving a lot of Personal Data, ever wondered what's the process HR in handling your Data?

Data Privacy Laws recognize the data HR collects and has implemented laws that an HR department has to comply with.

Join our session where we answer questions like; How does an HR Manager deal with this much Data? What are the Compliance flaws #HR overlooks? What happens to my Data after I end my employment?

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