Top Cyber Security Certifications for Entry Level (2022)

Want to know the top cyber security certifications for entry level jobs in 2022?

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Every year I search the Internet, look at industry trends, and talk to hiring managers to uncover what the most in-demand and desirable certifications are for entry level cyber security professionals. Once I find out what’s hot and what’s not, I create a list so that everybody across the globe can quickly determine which certifications to pursue for the next year.

Join me in this video as we walk through the top cyber security certifications for entry level jobs in the year 2022. Do not be that person who selects a certification randomly without having done any research and then ends up having wasted a bunch of time and energy.

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1. Security+: https://www.jongood.com/resources/certifications/comptia/securityplus/

Blog Post: https://www.jongood.com/top-cyber-security-certifications-for-entry-level-2022/

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