Top 50 SQL Server Interview Questions Series |Part-3| Top SQL Questions for experienced level

In this video, We learned Top-10 SQL interview questions and answers for experienced level, essential for 3-8 Years experience level, Most Important and frequently asked interviews questions in 2022 interviews.

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In this video we covered as below-
1-What are the Magic Tables in SQL Server?
2-What are the temp tables and why we use them?
3-what is difference between stored procedure and function?
4-Why do we use CASE Statement in SQL? Give example
5-What is the difference between Scope_Identity(), Identity(), @@Identity, and Ident_Current()?
6-What is the difference between having and GROUP BY clause?
7-What is CTE in SQL and why we use them?
8-What is difference between View & CTE?
9-What are the Cursors in SQL?
10-What is the use of SET NOCOUNT ON/OFF statement?
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