Top 5 Visas to Work in Australia

There are visas that are specifically for the purpose of work, but other visas that also grant you work rights. These are the most popular visas.

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01:00 Working Holiday visa
02:27 Employer sponsored TSS 482 visa
03:26 Training 407 visa
04:35 Temporary Graduate 485 visa
06:00 Temporary Activity 408 visa

Temporary Graduate 485 visa:
Employer sponsored TSS 482 visa:

/ Visa benefits, requirements, application
How to get permanent residency:
189 visa:
190 visa:​​
491 visa:
189 vs 190 vs 491 visa:
Points test:
189 EOI System:
Work TSS 482 visa:
Global Talent visa:
Graduate 485 visa:

// Australian State 190 & 491 Visa Nomination Requirements

Don't lose your permanent residency:
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