Top 20 VLSI Interview Questions and Answers for 2021

Getting shortlisted for an interview is just the first step towards landing your dream job. You must prepare well for the interview, which normally determines whether you will be granted the position or not. What then is the best means of preparation?

It would be best to go through several common interview questions in the related field to be safe. Brainstorming an answer to a possible question beforehand will help you answer it well when asked. This article will look at 20 common questions in VLSI interviews that you should have at your fingertips.

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Below are the 20 questions discussed:
1. Tell Us About The Procedural Blocks in Verilog
2. Do You Know the Skews Used in VLSI? Would you please Tell Us About the Different Types?
3. You Must Have Used Other Programming Languages in Your Career. Can You Tell Us How They Are Different from Verilog?
4. Do You Know the Three Regions of Operation of MOSFET? How Are These Used?
5. You Must Have Dealt with Static RAM. Therefore, Could You Tell Us How Many Transistors It Use
6. Tell Us the Different Gates That Call for The Application of The Boolean Logic
7. What Do You Understand by Verilog?
8. What Do You Understand by The Depletion Region?
9. Why Do VLSI Circuits Use MOSFETS Instead of BJTs?
10. How Can a Binary Number Give a Signal, Or Better Yet, Convert a Digital Signal?
11. How does Boolean Logic control logical Gates?
12. How Would You Solve Setup and Hold Violations In VLSI?
13. How Can One Prevent Antenna Violation?
14. Your Resume Shows That You Have Spent a Good Deal of Time in This Field and Worked in Several Companies Both as An Employee and a Freelancer. What Would You Prefer? Freelancing or Employment?
15. You Know What Tie-High and Tie-Low Cells Are. Could You Tell Us Their Functions?
16. What Do You Understand by Metastability in VSDL?
17. How Can One Prevent Metastability?
18. What Are Some of The Things That One Can Do to Achieve Better Yield?
19. Differentiate Between Latches and Flip Flop Designs
20. How Did You Learn About Us?
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