Tom C Lyle Secret Initiation Rites In Pragma Psychics

After I posted an episode dedicated to Tom C Lyle and his book on pragma psychics I was surprised by the number of people who asked me to read further chapters from this interesting and obscure book.

Tom C Lyle steeped himself in the supernatural mysteries and the book jacket says he was one of the great researchers of all time.

Tom C, Lyle describes his method as a practical system of mentally organized creative powers to accomplish specific goals.

Once you turn on Pragma Psychics Tom Lyle says you become a superbeing.

Attract money, wealth, health, predict your future. Generate the luck and control to win sweepstakes. Reveling in the main stream of your psychic powers will give you unlimited adventures.

The special powers implanted at birth will awaken.

Here you are initiated into the order of phoenix.

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