To the 118th Congress…

How will the 118th Congress be defined?

Like those before, will it be known for partisanship and political theater?

Or… will it help solve the economic crises of our time?

For too long, the conventional wisdom in Washington has been that divided government is a free pass for partisan gridlock.

But in the midterms, the American people made it clear to BOTH parties that they want an agenda that will make life more affordable, not political theater.

Instead of unproductive partisanship and costly federal programs and mandates, the 118th Congress should support bottom-up solutions that will make life more affordable:

-Lowering inflation through better budgeting practices, like passing a unified budget
-Removing barriers to domestic energy production, processing and delivery by supporting bills like the UNSHACKLE Act
-Increasing opportunities for fulfilling work by supporting bills like the Employee Rights Act

This can be the Congress that makes life more affordable. Americans need you to succeed.

The 118th Congress must choose innovation, progress, and the American people. They must REJECT endless sideshows, overspending, and overregulation.
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