Titus Gebel - Is Liberty in Our Lifetime Achievable? #LibertyInOurLifetime

In this video, Titus Gebel gives his keynote speech at the 2021 Liberty in Our Lifetime conference. He argues that five "C"s are endangering the basic freedoms of people around the world, outlines his Free Private Cities concept, and responds to critics of Honduran ZEDEs.

Titus is a serial entrepreneur with a doctorate in law who has founded a number of companies, including multinational energy and resources group Deutsche Rohstoff AG. In 2015, Titus resigned as CEO of Deutsche Rohstoff to devote himself entirely to his new project: Free Private Cities.

Titus wants to create an entirely new product in the “market of living together” which aims to fast-track economic and societal progress. His new enterprise, TIPOLIS, focusses on the practical side of Free Private Cities implementation by partnering commercially with trade zones and city authorities around the world.

In his book, Free Private Cities: Making Governments Compete For You, Titus discusses the principles of Free Private Cities as well as issues involved in their practical implementation.

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