Tips to get a job in Germany by German employer | Interview with Prof. Dr. Rolf Winter

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In this video, I am interviewing Prof. Dr. Rolf Winter who is a professor at the "University of Applied Sciences Augsburg" and a Co-Founder of a technology startup.

Rolf shares a very interesting fact as to why he prefers working in Germany and why his childhood dream of moving to the US is not a dream for him anymore.

Rolf has worked in the US, UK, France, and Germany. He prefers Germany over other countries because of several social aspects. In this video, he shares a lot of information regarding the social and financial benefits an employee gets in Germany.

Next, he tells us about the qualities he looks for in a candidate and specifically the type of cover letter he prefers when someone applies to a job in his startup. He shares some information about the do's and the don'ts when you write a cover letter.

Further, he tells us about the various opportunities an Indian student may have in Germany, and if there is any kind of discrimination in the job market against international students.

He also answers why German universities usually do not have undergraduate programs in English and why the Postgraduate programs are taught in English.

Towards the end of this video, Rolf answers the question from our private WhatsApp group member. The question is - "How to get a job in Germany as a junior developer". Rolf answered this question really well and I hope this helps a lot of fresh graduates and junior developers to get a job in Germany.

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