Threat Hunting and Automatically Responding to Credential Compromises with Swimlane

This real-world use case highlights how a Swimlane Fortune 500 financial services customer encountered a sophisticated phish attempt using credentials exposed on the Dark Web. Swimlane’s Bryon Page, director of solutions architecture, and Cody Cornell, co- founder and chief security officer, demonstrate how the SecOps team extended its use of low-code security automation (SOAR) from Swimlane by integrating a credential compromise monitoring service to reduce the likelihood of future compromises.

Presented by Cody Cornell, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. Presented on October 21, 2021 as part of Security Field Day 6. Watch the entire presentation at https://techfieldday.com/appearance/swimlane-presents-at-security-field-day-6/ or visit https://techfieldday.com/event/xfd6/ or https://Swimlane.com for more information.
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