This STEM Job Search Strategy Won't Work In 2022

Stop making these job search mistakes when looking in the STEM field. They don't work in 2022.

Job hunting strategies get more and more advanced over time and some of the information you have now may be outdated. In this video, I'll break down the myth of them all and give you a few tips and tricks that will help you stand out and get ahead.

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00:00 Intro
02:50 Why it's not cool to apply for hundreds of jobs at a time
04:22 The most effective job search strategy
06:20 Say this to get the attention of recruiters
08:05 How to tell if your interview answers are great or terrible
09:50 Why applying online may be a waste of time
11:15 How to answer, "so tell me about yourself."
13:15 The strategy I used to secure my role at Tesla

Gerrie Dozier is an experienced engineering leader, STEM career coach and speaker. She helps professionals in STEM careers secure new jobs, better career opportunities and 5 figure salary increases. CONNECT ON LINKEDIN
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