This Is EXACTLY WHY McDonald's Workers Deserve $20 Per Hour - Happy's Humble Burger Farm

This Is Exactly Why McDonald's Workers Deserve $20 Per Hour - Happy's Humble Burger Farm
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Welcome to Happy's Humble Burger Farm! Happy's Humble Burger Farm is a very disturbing horror game about cooking burgers for people in a very questionable town. I don't think anything is ok, please help me. Let's play Happy's Humble Burger Farm!

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About Happy's Humble Burger Farm:
Congrats, you're hired! Serve customers and maintain the Happy's Humble Burger Farm restaurant alone on the overnight. But be careful; things fall apart if you mess up! After work, head home and keep your eyes open for a way to escape the Barnyard Buds and their fast food fever-dream.

When each customer makes an order, it’s up to you to make a plan and execute it well. If you give customers the wrong order, or take too long, it’ll count as an lnfraction. If you get three of those lnfractions, well... let’s just say Happy the Humble Heyfer isn’t as joyful when the customers are upset. DO NOT UPSET HAPPY. TRUST US.

But hey, you’ll do fine! Just as long as you don’t upset Happy, you’ll do great! We believe in you!

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