Think And Grow Rich While You Sleep

Powerful subliminals embedded in soothing binaural beats sleep music.

“Wishing will not bring riches. But desiring riches with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, then planning definite ways and means to acquire riches, and backing those plans with persistence which does not recognize failure, will bring riches.” - Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

This subliminal sleep session will help you achieve the state of burning desire that Napoleon Hill describes in Think and Grow Rich, so that you can do whatever it takes to manifest the wealth you desire.

But it's not completely passive.

You must do your part for his system to work for you.

And it starts with clearly defining your goal.

Before you use this session for the first time, write the exact amount of money you want and the exact date you want it, in the comments below.

Writing your goal gives your subconscious mind a definite target to aim for, and writing it publically gives it all the more power since you are putting it out into the collective unconscious as well.

After you write it down, say it out loud a few times.

Really allow yourself to see yourself at that time in the future, in possession of the money you want.

Let yourself feel that it has already happened.

Then, while you sleep, the positive affirmations in this subliminal sleep session will supercharge your subconscious with all the important habits, attitudes, and beliefs outlined in Think And Grow Rich to help you reach your goal even faster.

Every morning you will wake up with a stronger desire to achieve your financial goal, and fresh ideas, inspiration, and energy to achieve it in the time you've set for yourself.

You'll be shocked at how creative and resourceful you can be when you give your subconscious mind a clear goal, and then remind yourself of that goal every night before bed.

But it all starts with writing it down, so please do that now, before you begin.

Headphones are recommended to get the full benefit of the binaural beats sleep music, but not absolutely required if you only want the benefits of the subliminal affirmations.

Think and Grow Rich Subliminal Sleep Affirmations
* My burning desire drives me to incredible success.
* The words I use over and over again will guide me towards greatness.
* When I set my mind on a definite goal, the world stands aside to let me pass.
* My mind is infinite.
* My desire for wealth and greatness is growing stronger with each breath I take.
* I easily attract the levels of success that I want and deserve in my life.
* I magnetize my mind with an intense desire for riches.
* Desire is the foundation of my achievement, so I strengthen my desire every day.
* I have the power to control my thoughts, and I choose to think about wealth and success.
* I am the master of my destiny.
* I succeed when I choose to pursue my clearly defined goals.
* I am the master of my fate.
* I receive and follow plans to accumulate money.
* I visualize my incredible success every day.
* Riches come in response to my definite demands, and to my burning desire for success.
* Now is the time to create the life I want.
* I take the actions necessary to accomplish what I want.
* Strong desires bring strong results, so I am building my desire, stronger and stronger.
* I am worthy, deserving, and capable of achieving extraordinary levels of success.
* I see great riches in my imagination, and in my bank account.
* I have the courage to start where I stand, and work with the tools at hand.
* I win, because I am sure of myself.
* I am determined to get what I want.
* I recognize opportunity and take action to profit from it.
* I have absolute control of my thoughts, so I think only of success and greatness.
* My success is the results of my habits, and I am improving my habits daily.
* I am one hundred percent committed to becoming the great person I want to be.
* Money is attracted to my desire.
* I see myself as being rich, more and more each day.
* A strong desire brings strong results.
* I plan, and then I succeed.
* I believe that I now possess the money I desire.
* I know that thoughts create reality, so I keep my thoughts positive.
* I recognize opportunity, no matter how it appears, and I take action.
* I persevere, and I am ready to receive.
* I have the courage to see myself as I really am, and to make the most of my unique talents.
* I inspire others to help me, because of my willingness to help others.
* I influence, direct, and control my own environment.
* I only accept the highest levels of success and fulfillment.
* My thoughts create my life, so I think successful thoughts.
* When opportunity presents itself to me, I act quickly and decisively.
* I make my life what I want it to be now.

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