The Xbox Game Pass "Killer" Has Arrived... | Defining Duke Episode 65

After many weeks of reporting, leaking, and speculating, PlayStation's answer to Game Pass is here. Jim Ryan said as much over a year ago that PlayStation was working on that answer to the booming service and it arrives in the form of a three tier subscription that manages to outprice its main competitor. How does it stand on its own and how does it compare to the current dominance of Game Pass? Is PlayStation bowing out of day-and-date releases enough for them to tread water? The Dukes dig in. On Xbox's own home turf, there seems to be trouble brewing. Former Undead Labs studio head Jeff Strain got ahead of a Kotaku piece on him and the studio with his own response to the questions asked by the outlet. It is merely one half of the tale, but is yet another studio going to come under fire? Time shall tell. More importantly then all of this hullabaloo: Chicken wings and game title abbreviations. This is where the really conversation lies in this week's Defining Duke.

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0:00:00 - Intro
0:07:42 - Some smaller news items and follow-ups.
0:15:35 - How do we like our wings?
0:22:09 - Is Matty targeting specific patrons with bad food takes?
0:26:33 - What we’ve been playing.
0:38:15 - Our takes on the slap heard ‘round the world.
0:46:15 - Will we cover the Halo show?
0:52:35 - Could we add a second DDU?
0:58:15 - Is the future of Xbox that all their games will be played anywhere?
1:06:24 - Titty One or TinaLands?
1:08:29 - PlayStation has revealed their response to Game Pass.
1:43:46 - Kotaku will be running a report on the work conditions at Undead Labs.
2:12:03 - Bethesda Games Studios Austin and Double Eleven are teaming up.
2:24:41 - Xbox has announced a new division.
2:30:41 - Microsoft has revealed [email protected]
2:38:11 - Rockstar has announced GTA+.
2:43:02 - Game Pass pick of the week.
2:45:39 - Should Microsoft acquire more support studios?
2:53:14 - What are our thoughts on the Tekken anime series?
2:58:03 - If we could have a 30 minute chat with anyone, who would it be?
3:05:25 - What are our hopes and dreams for Gears 6?
3:10:24 - How long do we spend in character creators?
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