The VA Healthcare System 2022: EVERYTHING you need to know!

Insiders, are you currently serving or retired from the military? Do you have a veteran in your family? Wondering about your VA health care options? We’ve got you covered!

In this video, Senior Veteran Coach Travis Ottum and Veteran Coach Charles Rosario explain the different kinds of VA medical benefits and what options are available to you as a veteran.

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***Video Timestamps***

⏩ 00:00 VA Claims Insider Introduction
⏩ 10:40 Are you eligible for VA health care benefits?
⏩ 13:15 The 8 priority list
⏩ 13:39 Priority Group 1
⏩ 15:01 Priority Group 2
⏩ 15:37 Priority Group 3
⏩ 16:38 Priority Group 4
⏩ 18:56 Priority Group 5
⏩ 19:44 Priority Group 6
⏩ 22:15 Priority Group 7 and 8
⏩ 22:51 Affordable co-pays
⏩ 27:12 Carrying private and VA insurance
⏩ 29:35 Where to find a clinic covered by VA health care
⏩ 30:24 ChampVA
⏩ 32:16 How to enroll for VA health care
⏩ 36:00 In the event of an emergency
⏩ 38:44 What type of care is available at the VA?
⏩ 43:03 Telehealth offered through the VA
⏩ 44:18 Miles reimbursement
⏩ 45:43 How to get your ID card replaced
⏩ 47:06 Getting help with your health benefits
⏩ 49:35 Schedule your Discovery Call today!
⏩ 50:46 How to get medications from outside providers covered by the VA
⏩ 51:36 Difference between an ID card and a VA ID card
⏩ 52:56 Dental and Vision coverage
⏩ 54:20 Closing Thoughts

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