The Untold Truth Of America's WWII German POW Camps

While America’s Japanese internment camps during WWII have been discussed at length by scholars, historians, and the like, there was another kind of camp that sprang up throughout the country during this time that isn’t really talked about. For European POWs, life in American camps looked much different.

Over three years beginning in 1942, the U.S. War Department housed over 400,000 POWs in 500 camps, which were located mostly in the Midwest, South, and Southwest. So what were these camps really like, and how did life inside them differ from the Japanese internment camps we know so much about? This is the untold truth of America's WWII German POW camps.

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Adhering to the Geneva Conventions | 0:00
Hardcore Nazi POWs | 1:28
Put to work | 2:26
Unexpected perks | 3:41
Controversial in local communities | 4:42
Escapes | 5:51
The one that got away | 7:06
Treated better than Black Americans | 8:22
Secret re-education | 9:20
Becoming American citizens | 10:40

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