The ULTIMATE Logic Iceberg Explained

In this video I go over the ultimate Logic Iceberg that I created. This goes over the rapper and his extensive career. From 2009 to 2022, Logic has been killing the rap game alongside his various other endeavors. Starting from his days as an emcee uploading prolific mixtapes on websites like DatPiff and SoundCloud, to selling out arenas and performing at the Grammys, Logic is a generational artist and one that has solidified himself in hip-hop and music for the rest of time.

This iceberg includes: CJ, EastKoast Killa, Spitting in a retarded kids gatorade, Cowboy Bebop Album , Will Poulter, Opening for Ghostface Killah, Storm Trooper Voice, The Last of Us Part 2, Dax, While You Wait EP, Live Album, MadGic, Doctor Destruction, 88 Bars, Freestyle Fridays, WhoIsNikki, Dlh, Elysium, Bobby Tarantino Alias, Gonzaga Basketball, Tour with Kid Cudi, Psychological the mixtape, Lord Subliminal, Ultra 85 2017, The envisage of Smith Corona, The Protagonist, Supermarket Movie, On My Way, Finding Logic, Skittles, Se7enth Assassin, Thalia traitor, Robot hand , Dizzy Wright Collab Album, COADM Side B, DefJam Undershipped, DefJam Won’t Pay Lil Wayne, Russ Beef, Joyner Lucas Beef, Cal Scrubby Diss, OG Maco Diss, Phora Diss, Freddie Gibbs Beef, IDK beef, OG Lost in Translation , Louis Vuitton Briefcase, Logic’s Dad Stole Incarceration , The Ultra 85 Mixtape, Original GFuel Collab, Level 10, JID Collab, Tupac Collab, Drake calling him “Lodg," Jurassic Park, All I Do 2, Suga BTS collab, Just another day vlogs, Gaming YouTube channel, FaZe Illcams 38 / The Spotlight music video, Lil Yachty lost at Mario Cart, Logic is Juicy J’s best friend, French Montana was Logic’s Neighbor , Logic was trying to work with MF DOOM, Josh on Everybody cover, J. Cole hidden on everybody cover, Sam Spratt on album covers, Ultarian Language, Almost signed to Nas, AiM-302 theory, Thalia was controlling Logic on COADM theory, Cookies anxiety killer Strain, South Park parody, Lil Durk 1-800 remix, Scotch, Meeting Jay-Z, HardknockTV, Charlamage Beef, Changes, OG BT3 2018, BobbysWorld, Aquarius, Rain in the Gutter, Lil Bobby, etc.

I do not own any of the videos, photos or music used in this video. They are used for education and discussion purposes under fair use law.

Link to full Iceberg Image - https://twitter.com/FittsBryce/status/1469748234998497287
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Intro Song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTwZ3bvUmek
AiM-302 Theory Reddit post - https://www.reddit.com/r/Logic_301/comments/bnpbch/coadm_everybody_the_incredible_true_story_mystery/

0:00 - Intro
0:54 - Layer 1
2:43 - Layer 2
5:18 - Layer 3
10:25 - Layer 4
16:38 - Layer 5
24:22 - Layer 6
29:34 - Layer 7
34:39 - Layer 8
38:25 - Layer 9
41:03 - Layer 10
44:38 - Outro

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