The Talent Talks S1E2: Designing a Performance Management System

Hear Saurabh Deshpande talk about how to design a performance management system based on his two decades of experience working with fast growing organizations as a consultant and line HR in organizations like InMobi, India's first unicorn and Hewitt Associates.

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2:00 What constitutes a Performance Management System?
3:40 What should organizations look at while choosing a Goal System?
15:10 How can leaders align the organizational objectives to the individual goals?
17:50 Is feedback an important lever in driving performance? How can organizations experiment with it?
20:47 Do you think feedback needs to be a regular process?
28:06 Who do you think the onus of feedback should lay with and should it be a part of a mandatory process or a voluntary activity between the manager and the employee?
30:48 Are performance reviews important and what is the intent behind them?
37:30 How can organizations position performance reviews as a development activity rather than an assessment for increments?
44:30 What is the ideal frequency for the employee review cycle to balance effectiveness and administrative overheads?
48:20 What best practices would you recommend for organizations that are setting up their performance management systems?
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