THE SOUND OF A DRUM | Cimarron Strip | Stuart Whitman | Western TV Series | Full Episode | English

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Crown and the army are having difficulty tracking down cattle rustlers. Cavalry veteran Sergeant Clayton Tyce finds himself in a conflicts with new Sergeant Major Chambers. When Tyce goes into Cimarron City instead of on patrol, Chambers tells him he must be discharged or face a court-martial. Although Tyce accepts the discharge, he later set up a mock trial for Chambers, and uses his former comrades as the jury, where they hold court at the Wayfarer's Inn. While Crown and the gang continue to search for the rustlers, Dulcey tries to defend Chambers from being hanged.
Stuart Whitman - Marshal Jim Crown
Percy Herbert - MacGregor
Randy Boone - Francis
Jill Townsend - Dulcey
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