The Slaughterhouse Killer (2020) Movie Explained Hindi Urdu | Full Slasher Film Explanation in Hindi

The Slaughterhouse Killer (2020) Movie Explained Hindi Urdu | Slasher Hollywood Film Explanation in Hindi
Today, I am explaining Thriller Slasher film "The Slaughterhouse killer" in Hindi Urdu. Film revolves around a mentally disturbed psych killer Box. For his passion for slaughter, He works in a local slaughterhouse to quench his thirst for blood. After a few days, a new young employee Nathan joins the slaughterhouse. Employer of the company instructs Box to take Nathan under his wing. Co-worker Blake bullies Nathan. Box and Nathan decides to take revenge and both of them kills Blake. The two form a friendship revolving around their love for killing.


Director: Sam Curtain

Writer: Sam Curtain and Benjamin Clarke

Producer: Sam Curtain and Benjamin Clarke

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