The Secrets Behind closed doors Rockford Fosgate

Join us on our exclusive never been seen before trip to Rockford Fosgate Corp. We were granted unheard of access to all aspects of Rockford. If you would like to see the incredible process in place to make amazing Audio, please join us on the journey. Thank you .

0:00 Intro
0:36 RTTI Install Bay
9:53 Tech Support
16:51 Amazing Test Bench
20:13 How a Speaker is Made
20:59 How to Make a Speaker Motor
26:54 3D Speaker Design
37:31 How to Make the Parts Work Together
46:43 We Break Stuff to Make it Better
54:33 First Time all Parts are in One Place
59:53 Thank You Speaker Guys
1:00:00 We Start Learning About How Amps are Made
1:04:00 Testing the Design
1:07:00 Real World Testing
1:11:37 RATS
1:14:07 Software App Developers
1:18:55 Sales
1:20:44 Customer Support
1:30:05 Marketing
1:31:01 Cool Cars and Big Bass
1:33:13 The End & Thank You

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