The secret to letting go and when you will know you have created your imaginal act!—Attractive AF-

I explain how you will know when you have shocked time sense. Something that is left out of all the books and teachings. Neville Goddard hit on it in “ freedom for all” but didn’t expound in detail about letting it go and letting it come to you.But I will explain this in this video.

Elmer O Locker jr.

The “ HOW I MADE 50K ON ONE DAY” video had to be placed as “members only”. In fear of YouTube guidelines.

Try my friends awesome affirmation meditation app , I LOVE THIS! LINK

The original Ladder exercise from the MAN himself.

The meditation playlist for your receptivity increase.

My exercise for climbing the ladder.

If you failed to climb the ladder WATCH THIS!!

A shortcut to creating the life of your dreams.

36 questions and answers by Neville Goddard himself.

Alternate exercises for people who desire different techniques

Readings from Neville Goddard.
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