The Search & Seizure Show 6/4/2022

Welcome to the Search & Seizure Show!!

Questions answered:

0:00 - Intro
7:54 - Does using a flashlight inside vehicle during consensual encounter constiture a seizure?
16:03 - Is Miranda offense specific?
22:51 - When can you enter a home for a domestic violence investigation?
35:21 - Can statute permit a warrantless entry into a home for a routine arrest?
40:05 - Does a misdemeanor arrest warrant allow threshold arrest?
45:05 - Is pointing a firearm at someone a "use of force?"
50:54 - Do passengers involved in traffic accident need to ID themselves?
58:32 - What is the law concerning freezing homes?
1:06:10 - Is accessing a phone for IMEI permissible before getting the warrant?
1:10:57 - Asking Questions


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