The Search and Arrest of the 2017 Taco Bell Robber, plus a funny bonus

On November 2, 2017, Michael Carwise was not wise. Masked and armed, he walked into the closed Taco Bell restaurant on Lee Road, in Orlando, Florida, and demanded that an employee open the safe.

When the employee said he could not open the safe, Carwise fired shots inside the Taco Bell, causing non-life-threatening injuries to the employee (bullet fragments hit one arm and the back of one of the employee's legs).

The employee managed to go to a nearby gas station and call 911. Michael Carwise Jr. was arrested shortly thereafter, not far from the scene.

No bond was set for the 26-year-old Orlando man. He made a plea deal just before trial, and is serving a 25-year sentence.

The quote in the thumbnail - "It's just food Mam" - comes from the bonus portion of the video.

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