THE ROLE OF SERGEANT (Police Promotion & Leadership Podcast S1E4)

I'm gradually uploading my back catalogue of Police Promotion and Leadership Podcasts onto YouTube. Here's Season 1, Episode 4, where I discuss the role of Sergeant and how you can connect this to Competency and Values Framework (CVF) behaviours. Knowing the role you are applying for is essential to your preparation for an application booklet, interview, briefing or other method of promotion assessment.

If you want the full suite of Sergeant-specific promotion materials and guidance, including examples of 'what works' for promotion evidence, download the bespoke toolkit from . For a free overview on the role, you might also be interested in my 2-part blog:

If you'd like to listen to my FREE podcast directly, use your Apple, Google, Spotify or other podcast streaming apps for all episodes (17 so far), or you can listen directly below:

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