Mr. Banky Pound spent 33 years incarcerated for crimes committed during his youth. After
being released from in March of 2020, he was invited to be a guest on the After Prison Show (APS) on
YouTube, garnering over 900k views. BANKPOUND has since gone on to do several more interviews on
APS to include his cooking gaining millions of views.
In July 2020, the @bankypound YouTube channel was created to educate and inform the youth
of the importance of freedom and the consequences that come with incarceration.
As of February 2022, Banky Pound has posted 338 videos gaining over 5 million views, and over
50,000 subscribers to his @bankypound YouTube channel.
In December 2021, Banky Pound created another YouTube channel, @puredeliciousness,
dedicated to cooking and conversation. To date, this channel has 39 videos, with over 200k views, and
over 5000 subscribers.

During his short journey, Banky Pound has had the privilege of interviewing and networking with
@america’snextmotivator, @16dalife, @varacityexchangetv, @guallatalk, @likarockproject,
@letssipandtalkwithfremakenedy, @afterprisonshow, Ant Harris (NFL-Eagles). He has worked with
Clelin Ferrell of the LV Raiders to assist with back-to-school drives, campaigned for former VA Governor
Terry McAuliffe, met with former VA Governor Ralph Northam to discuss Second Chance Citizens, spoke
with the legendary poet Nikki Giovanni and was invited by Head Basketball Coach, Mr. Shawn Walker to
be guest speaker at HBCU ECSU.
In the last 23 months since his release, he has received countless letters, emails, and comments
regarding the impact his videos has had on his followers.
This is only the beginning of his journey, and he still has more lives to reach. Join Mr. Banky
Pound on his mission of feeding positivity and starving negativity @bankypound YouTube (TBP)!


To follow Banky Pound on his journey, please visit the links below:
https://youtu.be/l_NoAcTy6Sg (Guest Speaker Banky Pound “Q&A” at Elizabeth City State University)
https://youtu.be/pOyCzxMIMuo (Life After 33 Years in Prison (Part 1)
https://youtu.be/IuWkZki_5qY (Prison Cooking After 33 Years in Prison)
https://youtu.be/Lbct0rxqqic (Experience During Prison)
https://youtu.be/21FfXwtSiDE (Introduction to Prison Life)
https://youtu.be/Xf8KPRgIGHI (Banky Pound Speaks on Life After 33 Years in Prison)
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