The Power of Confront.

Employees are looking for the skills, lessons and theories needed to CONFRONT their enemy on the job. Who is the enemy? You will know him of her because they come to either kill, steal and destroy their victims. What does Kill Steal Destroy look like in the workplace?

Kill to get an employee to deny their (inheritance) hopes and dreams through strenuous labor for compensation.

Steal to get an employee to give up their rights via negotiations and fear tactics

Destroy to successfully get an employee to become dependent on their employer instead of trusting in the Living God.

Through the Power of Confront Christian, employees learn how they exert their natural right to confront their enemy and accuser of the job. You'll discover the truth. Allowing light to dispel shadows leading you to the way, the truth and the life. Which is Jesus Christ.

They are tired of being taken advantage of, having their livelihood pitted against the financial gains of a corporation.
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