The Mysteries of Initiation by Rudolf Steiner

The Mysteries of Initiation: From Isis to the Holy Grail CW 144, a cycle of four lectures by Rudolf Steiner given in Berlin between 3 and 7 February 1913. Translation revised by Charles Davy.

1. Lecture 1: The mystery being in its connection with the spiritual life of Mankind. (Berlin, 3 February, 1913)
2. Lecture 2: The strengthening of the soul forces as prerequisite for the ascent into higher worlds. (Berlin, 4 February, 1913) - 0:36:37
3. Lecture 3: Further stages of ascent into the spiritual worlds. (Berlin, 5 February, 1913) - 1:10:00
4. Lecture 4: Mystery secrets of Egyptian sentient-soul re-appear in King Arthur's Round Table.(Berlin, 7 February, 1913) - 1:46:50

(Titles of individual videos in general not titles given by Rudolf Steiner)


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