The Motivated Job Search Audiobook Excerpt

Book one in the Motivated Series by Brian E. Howard.
If you're conducting a job search for a professional position or considering such a job search, you should read this book. Brian Howard provides a thorough, approachable guide to each of the components of a job search that will help you be the selected candidate."

The Motivated Job Search is a job search book written specifically for professionals and executives. In this book, Brian Howard offers a systematic approach for conducting a job search based on years spent helping job seekers find hidden job openings, ace interviews, and win job offers. These strategic insights include: using the "psychology of persuasion" throughout your job search, creating the right messaging to promote your background and skills, understanding the mind and motivations of an employer, maximizing the use of accomplishments, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, impactful resumes, ways to generate job leads, networking, interviewing, creating differentiation between you and other candidates, negotiating job offers, and more.

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