The Most Far Reaching Censorship Campaign In American History  | Ep. 812

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00:00 - Opening
01:48 - The Most Far Reaching Censorship Campaign In American History
11:43 - Walsh Returns To Nashville And Is Replaced By His New Dog
14:27 - Sage Steele On The Cancelation Block After Saying She Doesn't Agree With Vaccine Mandate
18:55 - "Dangerous" Protesters Show Up Outside School Board Members House
25:19 - Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin In Process Of Being Approved To Resolve The Debt
28:16 - Janet Yellen Thinks IRS Should Monitor Bank Accounts
32:40 - Media Condemns New "Bigoted" Dave Chapelle Comedy Special
38:00 - Rep. Chris Rabb Wants To Introduce Bill To Force Men To Get Vasectomy After Having 3 Kids
41:26 - Reading The Comments
48:42 - Ibram X Kendi Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the senate held a hearing with the “Facebook whistleblower” yesterday, setting the stage for the most far reaching censorship campaign in American history. Also, an ESPN anchor is pulled off the air after criticizing vaccine mandates. And Dave Chappelle has a new comedy special out. The media insists that it is “incendiary” and “bigoted,” so you know it must be good. Finally, race baiter Ibram X Kendi preaches his version of the Gospel message, and it is as heretical as you might expect.

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