The Longest Constitution Ep. 28 : Bhopal Gas Tragedy & Employer's Responsibility

It took the world’s worst industrial disaster, the gas leak on 3rd December 1984 Bhopal, for India to wake up to the fact that we did not have the laws to protect people from transnational criminal negligence. This is the first installment of the a three-part account of what followed the tragedy. We also look at the expansion of Article 21 in the famous Menaka Gandhi passport case as well as why we have a film Censor Board.

On the Bhopal gas tragedy:
Chouhan, T R (ed) (2004), Bhopal: The Inside Story, Apex Press: New Delhi.

3, On the right to fly:

Mirza, Priya, (2021, ‘Lessons from India’s Long Journey to gaining the right to fly’,

4. On due process:

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