The Long Walk Spoiler Interview with Mattie Do and Christopher Larsen

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Welcome to The Horror Hour. The place where we discuss, debate, and disagree on all thing's horror. Join Yutaka and guest Cass as they interview the duo responsible for The Long Walk, now streaming on PVOD for rental or purchase. Mattie Do and Christopher Larsen talk about the making and meaning of this beautiful, yet haunting film dealing with grief and loss.

00:00 Intro
00:28 Poster/info
00:33 Welcome our Guests
01:50 How the story came about
09:50 Mango’s Passing
12:10 Her mother’s passing
14:15 Reinventing her mother’s passing
16:40 The time travel
18:28 Flashbacks are no fun
21:40 First moved to Laos
23:12 Changes to the story after time travel
26:52 Mattie’s dad visits the set
29:00 The oranges
32:10 Serial Killer
34:44 Keeping the props
39:21 The ending of the film
43:36 The woman’s journey to leave the old man
48:49 Disagreeing on the ending. (This is a thinker)
59:31 What do you want audiences to get out of this film?
01:05:14 The ghost’s ending
01:11:50 Meeting Mattie’s dog
01:13:12 Going over, lol
01:14:21 What film can you watch over and over
01:20:00 Outro

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