The Lies and Dirty Secrets of: Chazz Razz - A KingCobraJFS Story

Intro: 00:00:00
Prologue (Chazz gets his hooks in): 00:00:48
Chazz gets questioned by Courtney: 00:14:56
Chazz antagonises Reddit: 00:23:34
Chapter 1 - Who is Chazz?: 00:27:30
Chapter 2 - Jack: 00:37:26
Chapter 3 - The hooks are in: 00:41:22
Chapter 4 - Weed videos and a trip to Casper: 01:07:43
Chapter 5 - Second channel: 01:31:15
Chapter 6 - The end of Chazz: 01:33:40
Chazz's 'apology': 01:52:16
Wrap-up: 2:01:53
Credits: 02:03:31

Full video playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTczHWhO_Gk&list=PLAhn3eQIlCz-raT9MK8BcrrVU41f3jMZ9
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