The Law of Employees Dismissal, Retrenchment and Termination in Singapore

In Singapore, the Employment Claims Tribunal (ECT) handles more than 100 wrongful dismissal cases annually. Many of these claims could have been prevented if the grounds for dismissal had adhered to Singapore's employment laws.

Led by Mirza Khaleel Namazie, a highly sought-after lawyer and legal advisor in Singapore, this program will show you an in-depth understanding of the employment legislation and compliance requirements in Singapore on dealing an employment dismissal, termination or retrenchment process. You will learn how to develop mutually beneficial solutions for various termination scenarios, such as dismissal with or without notice, and how to address termination due to unsatisfactory performance while complying with the Singapore Employment Act. In addition, you will gain critical knowledge on the key obligations and responsibilities as an employer and the rights of an employee as outlined in the Tripartite Guideline. This program will also guide you on practical solutions in managing the complex retrenchment and redundancy process that comply with the Tripartite Guidelines on Responsible Retrenchment. By the end of the program, you will have mastered the necessary skills to effectively comply with relevant legislation and procedures to prevent wrongful dismissal and resolve any disputes in a mutually beneficial manner.

Post completion of the program, you will be awarded with the Certification in The Law of Employees Dismissal, Retrenchment and Termination in Singapore that can be used in your professional credentials. This certification is industry-recognized with lifelong validity and will help you distinguish your skillsets and you have attained expertise and critical knowledge in managing employment dismissal, termination and retrenchment in comply with Singapore Employment Law.

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