The latest policy, New Zealand spouse work visa will be cancelled?

The New Zealand government plans to cancel the spouse work visa in December this year, which has also caused dissatisfaction and doubts among many immigrants.

The new policy states that from December 2022, the spouses of most work permit holders can only apply for a spouse visit visa. If the spouse wants to work, they must apply for an Authenticated Employer Work Visa themselves.

Unlike other work permit holders, spouses can work less than thirty hours per week.

For the spouses of well-paid, highly skilled immigrants, the conditions are relaxed.

Spouses are automatically entitled to open work rights if certified employer work permit holders work in immigration "green list" jobs, or if they earn more than 2 times the median wage.

However, the Immigration Service has also introduced a transitional policy. Spouse work visas that expire from May nine to December thirty first, Two thousand and twenty two, will automatically be extended for two years according to the original visa expiration date, and have the right to open work.
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