The Job-Hungry Trick: Massive Linkedin Phishing And Bot Attacks Prey On Job-Seekers | Cyber News

Since February 1, experts have seen a 232% increase in phishing email scams imitating LinkedIn, seeking to deceive job hunters into handing up their information.
These phishing attempts are designed to take advantage of job candidates (as well as interested individuals) by convincing them that their profile has been viewed and that their skills are relevant to well-known firms.
The emails featured subject lines like "Who's looking for work online," "You have appeared in Four searches in the week," or maybe "You have one new message," which the Egress team felt would entice job seekers hoping to stand out.
The victim was driven to a site that harvested their LinkedIn usernames and passwords after clicking on the suspicious links inside this email.
In another study, Imperva explained how it halted the biggest bot assault the business has had to date on a job boards listing site, in addition to leveraging promising job offers to dupe targets into handing over their credentials.
Data scraping, however, is one of the cybersecurity grey zones, according to Imperva's analysis. Gathering publicly available data is not unauthorized access in and of itself, but when done in bulk, it could be used as a tool against people in social assaults.

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