The Jailhouse Informant Podcast S1:E4

A new history, true crime and paranormal video podcast that will be broadcast from the Historic Scott County Jail on Monday nights at 8pm EST. (Rebroadcast) LIVE on Monday, February 28th, with Episode 4 of the Jailhouse Informant Video Podcast. This week's special guest will be David Crider of Southwest Expeditions. David’s back ground as a former federal contractor, building projects throughout the US, helped him in developing the skill set in logistics and planning. He transitioned that experience to own and operate Southwest Expeditions, an adventure touring company offering unique outdoor adventures and event hosting. Setting up shop in a 1937 Former Courthouse and jail annex, he quickly discovered some former occupants never left the complex, which led to the newly created Southwest Paranormal Adventures , “SPA” ,offering paranormal tours in the Southern New Mexico area.

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