The IRS Hates Employees | Employee Vs Self Employed | Self Employment Tax Benefits | W2 vs 1099

A lot of people tell you a business is the best way to avoid taxes.. but rarely do they show you. In this video we will talk about the TOP tax write offs/ deductions that business owners (yes that includes independent contractors as well) can take full advantage of when filing their business tax return in 2021 and beyond. Self employment tax benefits are much more advantageous than w2 employees because you can deduct almost anything related to your business. there are better tax planning strategies and ways to invest in yourself and also reduce your tax liability. Even though business owners and independent contracts do have to pay the self employment tax, half of it is deductible and it pales in comparison to the tax savings you will receive once taking these write-offs. Don't delay! Start a business and invest in yourself, leave a legacy for you and your family, and keep more of your money in your pocket because you deserve!

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