The Internet's Most Infamous Fast Food Disasters

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The internet has an odd fascination with fast food. From limited-time promotions to offbeat celebrity burger collabs it seems like the online world is constantly dialed into the absurd marketing shenanigans of these restaurants. The online world is also obsessed with another element of the fast foodiverse, that of course being the fast many food horror stories out there. If you have spent any measure of time on social media, you've seen legends of deep-fried rats, contaminated ingredients, and disgusting photos showing the unspeakable being served at fast food restaurants. In today's video, I'll be telling some of the internet's most infamous fast food contaminations, crimes, and controversies. These are the fast food disasters.

Credit to cybershell for archiving many of EpitaphiLIP's gamefaqs posts. His coverage of operation soda steal:

Operation Soda Steal footage:


0:00-0:44 The Fast Food Disasters
0:45-02:25 Established Titles
02:26-10:45 The Jollibee Fried Towel
10:46-17:10 Burger King Foot Lettuce
17:11-28:44 The Wendy's Chili Finger
28:45-30:45 KFC Fried Rat
30:46-32:35 The Cursed McChicken
32:36-35:19 The Popeyes Rat Head
35:20-44:53 Operation Soda Steal
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