The Importance of Exercise and Movement

Collaboration with Yair Gafni. Check out his Youtube Channel:
More about Yair Gafni
Yair is a fitness enthusiast however; his channel is about helping people overcome challenges in life to reach their goals with special emphasis on investing. He is so inspiring and have a pleasing disposition. Check him out at above link.

This was my first time in life collaborating interview style with anyone. You know just like anything in life it gets better with experience and practice. With that in mind I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity which I was somewhat fearful to do but Yair took all that fear away just with his positive energy.

Book I spoke about in video by John M. Kirsch MD. ' Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention. The exercise that heals the shoulder and relieve Back Pain:

Thanks for viewing and wish you all Much Joy and Good Health

It starts with movement,
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